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Welcome to the Website of Solomon Lodge No. 822 Ludwigsburg.

This year 2017 marks the 300th anniversary of our great fraternity.

Our lodge is a member lodge of the American Canadian Grand Lodge which is under the jurisdiction of the United Grand Lodges of Germany. Our lodge as well as all recognized freemasonic Lodges welcome all men who believe in a Supreme Being without regard to caste, creed, color or belief. You will meet here men belonging to different professions, nationalities and origins. As a fraternal association dedicated to making good men better, Freemasonry respects the religious beliefs of all its members.

Freemasonry has no theology and does not teach any method of salvation. How a man chooses to practice his personal religious beliefs is left entirely up to him, but Freemasonry recognizes the strong bond which unites all people under One Creator.

Because of our strong bond of Brotherly Love, Masons provide Relief to help those who are in need. This includes the notion of charity, and Masons provide much assistance to worthy charities, but it also means offering a helping hand, in other ways, to people that need assistance.

As Masons, we are committed to being honest and truthful with other people. The Masonic Fraternity teaches a man to be faithful to his responsibilities to God, his Country, his fellow man, his family and himself. The Masonic principle of Truth also teaches a man to search for wisdom and understanding. For only in this way can he grow and become a better person. The pursuit of knowledge is at the very heart of our purpose.

Our lodge contributes to many different charities in the neighborhood of Stuttgart and also towards the education of deserving children as part of our Masonic obligation.

We invite you to explore this website for information pertaining to Freemasonry.

If you feel interested in Freemasonry kindly contact our Lodge via the Contact menu.

Thanking you

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The Worshipful Master

Solomon Lodge No. 822